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GVT Tiles

Available in glossy finish, GVT Tiles or Glazed Vitrified Tiles are appreciated for water resistance, stain resistance and captivating appearance. We manufacture, export these tiles in various options such as granite, digital, porcelain, dual charged and natural stone. Acid resistant, designer and digital floor GVT tiles are also manufactured by us. These are used as floor tiles in the interiors such as bathroom, halls, kitchen and are suitable for exterior use as well. Dimension and Surface Quality of these tiles is assessed on the parameters of deviation in length, deviation in thickness, rectangularity, surface flatness, glossiness and straightness of sides. The physical and thermal parameters of tiles are water absorption, flexural strength, skid resistance, frost resistant and thermal expansion, to name a few.

Meaning of Glaze in GVT Tiles

Glaze can be understood with a finishing or coating, which is smooth as well as shiny. A glazed tile means that the tile has smooth and shiny coating. Glaze is applied via spraying or painting. Various finishing options are available such as matte, high gloss and abrasive slip-resistant. We manufacture GVT Tiles in decorative styles; hand painted designs are also possible (for details, kindly contact us).

Manufacturing Process of Glazed Vitrified Tiles

  • First the tiles are made via vitrification process, wherein tiles are baked in very high temperatures
  • On these tiles, a coating of glaze is done.
  • Then, the tiles are passed through fire at very high temperature